Bringsel Work

Safe Bringsel Work for everyone
with Jürgen Böttcher, Kennel "Vom Jura-Grund"
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Sounds familiar?...

You are hunting during dusk or dawn with bad sight and are not sure if and where you hit? 

Sounds familiar?...

You are tracking and the vegetation becomes  thicker and thicker and you can't follow your dog on the strap?

Sounds familiar?...

Du are attenting a hunt as a dog handler and the shooter does not know if he hit or not?

A great and indispensable aid in hunting!

Start TODAY with this step-by-step tutorial!
You too can train your dog in a few days to become an excellent Bringsel Worker.

During this movie, I will show you every single step how I train my dogs within just a few days in Bringsel Work

With this step-by-step tutorial, everyone can train their dog, regardless of age and breed, in realiable Bringsel Work.

This shows how your dog can act within just a few days!

Just 39.90€

Jürgen Böttcher

Jürgen Böttcher - One of the most successful Dog Handlers, DD Breeder and active hunter.

In this movie, he shows how he has been teaching his dogs the perfect bringsel work for years. His conclusion: Dogs of all ages and breeds can learn to do bringsel work. Benefit from the accumulated expert knowledge and train your hunting dog to become a safe and reliable expert bringsel worker!